Watch As Your Backyard Becomes Something You Could Never Have Imagined


When you ask Pool Giant to do a pool installation for you, you are getting an expert crew made up of industry professionals. You get to choose the design of your pool from our gallery of existing designs, or you can create your own shape. We give you the freedom to create the pool you have always wanted, and we make sure the installation is done the right way.

Our use of steel wall vinyl liner pools means that you get to choose everything from the shape of your pool to the pattern of your liner. We combine our quality liner material with our custom designed pool basins to create your perfect pool. We can also help you with a maintenance program that will make sure that your pool is the center of your family’s summer fun.

Our installation process includes a complete written plan from our installation experts that shows you exactly what will happen. We work with your utilities companies to avoid damaging your utilities, and we make sure that we do not damage any of your treasured backyard elements. Our goal is to leave your backyard in better shape than we found it, and a big part of that is the custom pool we will be leaving behind.

One of the best parts of what we do at Pool Giant is watching with you as your backyard becomes something you could never have imagined. We can also use our landscaping skills to turn your backyard pool into paradise and the kind of place everyone will want to be when the summer months get started.

We invite you to give us a call and discuss your dream pool with our experts. We will show you exactly what we can deliver and we will put together a schedule that will have you swimming before you know it.